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Interview with The Dealer

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Rita Kundanani – Party Pit dealer, Teacher, Student and Humanist
PPN: Rita, how did you get into party pit dealing?
RK: My old roommate was dealing. She told me about it.

PPN: So she told you how great it was and glamorous and all the money….
RK: Uh Yeah, It was my first day of teaching. I emailed in my info to Casino Job Center and I was called for an interview.

PPN: What was that like?
RK: It wasn’t really an interview. It was more like chatting and talking. I said I had no experience and I was told it was okay. So I was ready for the interview to start and suddenly I was told, “Okay, we’ll be in contact.”

PPN: What else do you do?
RK: I’m a full-time school teacher and a student at night for my masters. I teach US government and psychology to 11th and 12th grade kids.

PPN: Wow, that’s great.
RK: Well, what’s not great is running into my former students when I am working at the casino after they become 21. You suddenly hear, “Hey, Ms. Kundanani” I’m like oh no… Customers start saying, “that’s what they call you on the table?” Then every single person on the table is like, “Who, what’s this all about?”

PPN: it’s embarrassing?
RK: Yeah, because 1st of all when I’m teaching its a whole lot different, I have a lot more clothes on, hair
in a bun and to see them outside is always embarrassing.

PPN: So you have the whole “Hot for teacher thing going on?”
RK: No, no, that’s not me at all…I’m not Cameron Diaz in that movie “Bad Teacher.”

PPN: Okay so tell me about your other business..
RK: Its called Eyebrow Threading Art & More. Its threading for eyebrows, upper lip, chin and for full face. It’s an alternative to waxing, better for your skin, doesn’t cause wrinkles.

PPN: So when I hear threading I think of someone sowing up your face..
RK: Its a way to remove hair removal by the use of a thread, guiding it through the skin and ___ uses a really interesting method of using her hands and her mouth. Guys do threading too.

PPN: So would I have to be a metrosexual to do this?
RK: No, guys have their eyebrows done.

PPN: Those are metrosexuals. Where does threading come from?
RK: It comes from Asia. When I was 7 or 8 I was always around my aunts so I was exposed to it but no one else around here ever heard of it. Maybe in the last 2 years waxing has become the old way and now its threading.

PPN: Your aunt? Where is she from?
RK: India

PPN: Is it as painful as waxing?
RK: Less painful and way less harsh on the skin.

PPN: So how did you get involved in this store?
RK: Through my dad, through his temple, he was told about some Nepalese refugees that were brought here and they needed to learn English in order to be allowed to stay in the country. So my dad starting going over to these refugees that were brought to Las Vegas to teach them English. He became friendly with a couple of them who were doing threading back in their country. They asked my father if he could help them open a business in the US since they didn’t really know their way around. My dad asked me to be a partner so I started saving my money and I invested in this business with ____

PPN: So you’re a party pit dealer, a teacher, a student and a business woman?
RK: Haha, Yeah, I guess so…but only until May then I’m done!

PPN: Tell me something about this business that you didn’t expect
RK: The time, how much time has to go into it. It’s very time consuming especially with the advertising and working on the website. I thought I’d just throw this money into it and watch it grow or eventually grow but there’s a lot more things that pop up with getting your name out there.

PPN: Tell me about your partners, how did they get here?
RK: They were living in refugee camps in Nepal. They are originally from Bhutan. The king of Bhutan who is a Buddhist was persecuting all the Hindus in Bhutan so they had to escape to Nepal to be free of religious persecution. They lived in refugee camps in Nepal for 18 years. Then there were enough U.S. citizens that petitioned our government to help these refugees and bring them to the United States. The refugees were put in government housing but they were told they had to learn English and find work or they couldn’t stay. My dad started visiting them to teach them English and that’s how they became friends.

PPN: So you teach and go to school all week and deal on the weekends while stopping in and out of your store all week too. How long will you stay a dealer for?
RK: Probably like another 2 years. What’s the longevity of a party pit dealer like?

PPN: Well, it all comes down to options. You have a career, some people don’t.

PPN: As a party pit dealer, what’s your favorite thing about it?
RK: As a dealer I get to meet people from all different walks of life, meeting people from everywhere around the country and from other countries.

PPN: Even Nepal?
RK: No, haha, not Nepal. India though. The Indian people go crazy. Especially the younger ones who have so much pressure from their parents, like ‘you’re gonna be a doctor, you’re gonna be an attorney’ so they’re on their break away from school and they’re going crazy.

PPN: What’s the worst thing about being a Party Pit Dealer?
RK: Probably taking people’s money.

PPN: Oh, I don’t want to hear that. Casino management doesn’t like when dealers feel bad for people losing their money.
RK: I hate it when they blame, like “You didn’t give me a blackjack or you always have a ten showing.”

PPN: If you could make one suggestion, what do you think would be a great improvement in the party pits that you’ve worked at? What do they need that they don’t have?
RK: Better music. And a little bit louder. I mean its hard to have that party atmosphere if you can barely hear it. Like if its low and sometimes you ask “What are they playing? How is this supposed to pump up the mood or you know, make people excited. Music can really set the tone in the whole casino or in the whole area.”

PPN: What are the all the casinos that you’ve worked at?
RK: I started at Boulder Station , yeah I was there for a month. Then the Hard Rock interviews came up and I was like, “Jace, I wanna go and you were like, they’re not gonna hire you, you’re only dealing for a month. There’s no way.” I said, “Well let me just go.” And they hired me as they realized how bad I really sucked! And they said they will keep me but they will only put you on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I was like “Great, so I had to start and initially I would get off of work at 3 or 4am and then go to teach at 6:30am just to get my foot in the door.” I think I only had to do that for a month and they moved me out to the pool and that was normal hours on the weekends. I got really lucky because I wasn’t a good dealer and they worked with me and they were patient but I think really they should have fired me!

PPN: Where else did you work.
RK: So, Hard Rock and then Green Valley Ranch and then Cosmo.

PPN: You like Cosmo?
RK: Yeah, that was fun.

PPN: Okay, do you think that your threading business is something that dealers would like to do?
RK: I think that they already get it done. A lot of them have come here to get their eyebrows done.

PPN: Are you gonna give a coupon in the newsletter to anyone who reads this?
RK: Yes, if they do 3 sessions they get $2 off each of those sessions.

PPN: What about something like a free threading with every blackjack? They come play with you and you send them here?
RK: Haha, I don’t know about that. Actually if they play with me, I never give out blackjacks so yeah, that will work.”


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